Your Ultimate Blueprint for Managing Time as a Legal Professional

Introducing Time Management for Legal Professionals, an in-depth digital course specifically designed to help legal professionals better manage their time while balancing both work and life. Taught by time management guru, Paul J. Unger, this course will allow you to work effectively, manage your work time, and prioritize the moments in life that matter most to you.

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Make Progress on Your Most Important Projects

Avoid working long hours and never making real progress, instead learn how to take control of your time with top priorities top of mind.  

Manage Your Time, Instead of it Managing You

Tight deadlines, endless task lists, near-constant interruptions - take your day back and prioritize what truly matters. Manage your time, instead of it managing you. 

Avoid Feeling: Underwater, Overwhelmed, or Burned Out

Being busy is a good thing, learn key tips from a time management expert on how to maximize your time and avoid feeling: underwater, overwhelmed, or burned out. 


Practicing law is a complicated business. Time management is a constant renegotiation of priorities.


"I can't get anything done because I get so many emails every day!"

"My work piles up because of all my interruptions."

"I constantly let things slip between the cracks."

Sound familiar? 


We are living in information overload. Let us help!

Is technology your servant, or are you a servant of technology? The goal of this course is to teach you a time and task management methodology so you can regain control of your workday and personal life. To achieve effective time, document, and email management, we must “get organized”  and get your digital house in order.


Introducing Time Management for Legal Professionals, a digital course designed just for you.


Inside this comprehensive course, we combine distraction management skills, paperless strategies, and proven time management techniques… but we apply them in a practical and simple way. Many time management experts shy away from technology. But you'll learn to tackle technology HEAD ON and find a balance!

Time Management for Legal Professionals, Your Ultimate Blueprint for Managing Work and Life includes easy-to-consume training modules covering everything from better managing digital tools, to a comprehensive 26-week plan to put everything you learn into action. You’ll have 24/7 access to your course content, which never expires! Learn time management skills on your schedule, in your own time—you’re in the driver’s seat. 


What you get:


Six valuable training modules covering everything from basic distraction management techniques to email, document management, and more!

24/7 access to your course content—no expiration date!

A copy of Tame The Digital Chaos downloadable eBook.

Lifetime access. 


Get ready to achieve the work and life balance you have always wanted, and revolutionize the way you work every day!



Meet Your Instructor: Paul

Paul is a national speaker and author. He coaches lawyers how to be more efficient with time management by offering customized workshops. When he isn’t speaking or writing, he is usually performing technology assessments throughout the United States and Canada. Paul began his career working for the Governor of Ohio, and then went on to law school. He practiced law for six years, specializing in litigation and bankruptcy, before starting a legal technology consulting company with partner Barron Henley in 2000.

Paul’s superpowers are cleaning up messes and turning digital chaos into well-organized machines. His favorite part of his job is helping people get organized and focused so they can find more enjoyment in their lives and jobs.

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