Master Worldox and revolutionize the way you manage your documents.

With Worldox for Legal Professionals, apply powerful tools that help you centralize documents into one secure location while implementing standard processes for everyone at your organization. Taught by Affinity Consulting Group's resident Worldox insider, this course gives you all the skills necessary to leverage everything this powerful software has to offer, from saving and versioning to securely processing documents from your email agent, Worldox Mobile features and more!

Learn to Navigate Everything from Basic to Advanced Features

Dramatically reduce time spent figuring out how to use Worldox's most useful features and tools.

Discover Sync Capabilities and Integrations

Learn how to sync your documents on the go and discover different Worldox integrations.

Increase Your Firm's Productivity and Profitability

Reduce time wasted looking for the documents you need while streamlining your internal workflow processes.


We get it. Document management can be frustrating.


At our firm, we spend way too much time locating documents and organizing them in a way that works for us.

My team spends too much time figuring out how to complete tasks in Worldox.

I wish I could access my documents in one location, including different versions of the same file.

Does this sound familiar? 


Worldox provides one source of truth for all your client and company information.


Keep your document management efforts centralized and secure. Have historical references and snapshots of all work previously completed. Quickly provide a frame of reference for anyone joining in the work with a client or on a project. There's a lot to learn - but we've provided bite-sized lessons to allow busy legal professionals just like you to learn at your own pace. 

Our experts have worked closely with legal organizations over 20+ years and have gained a deep understanding of their obstacles and challenges. In this comprehensive course, they share their insight into what works, what doesn’t, and how to implement the right Worldox workflows and practices for your firm.


Worldox for Legal Professionals is a digital course designed just for you.


With this comprehensive course, you will go from feeling disconnected to finally feeling in control. Your firm will gain easy, organization-wide access and total confidence in your DMS as a single source of truth. 

Our team of document management experts has helped hundreds of firms just like yours optimize their business processes with Worldox, and it's our goal to help you do the same with this collection of insightful, step-by-step training videos. 

Our course includes easy-to-consume training modules covering everything from the primary Worldox user interface to advanced integrations, the advanced email agent, and more. You will have 24/7 access to your course content, and it never expires! Learn Worldox on your schedule, in your own time—you're in control. 


What you get:


Thirteen bite-sized, valuable training modules covering everything from the Worldox UI to integrations and Worldox Mobile.

24/7 access to your course content—no expiration date!

Our comprehensive Worldox for Legal Professionals downloadable manual—a $49 value!

Certificate of completion and Affinity Certified Worldox Genius badge.


Get ready to unlock the power of Worldox and utilize your DMS the way it was meant to be.



Meet Your Instructor: Bryce

As a senior consultant, Bryce is responsible for demonstrating, installing, configuring, deploying and training law firms and legal departments on their document management solutions. Bryce joined the Army right out of high school as an Abrams Tank Crewman. Once he was honorably discharged from the Army, he held different jobs, including an armored car driver and security director for the J.P. Morgan Chase tower in downtown Columbus, Ohio. He decided to go back to school in his mid-20s, and obtained several IT certifications. He was hired at Affinity right out of school as part of our IT department, and he worked on that team for a year before moving to full-time consulting.

Course Curriculum