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Expert Trainers

Gain access to some of Affinity's most dynamic law firm management and legal technology trainers.


Self-Paced Learning

Learn at your own pace. Bite-sized modules make it easy to consume just the right amount of content for you.


Transformative Courses

Go deep with courses that transform the ways you think about your business and your technology.


Want training for your whole firm?

Affinity Insight's membership program, Affinity Insight University, is your law firm training "easy" button. Your monthly or yearly subscription gives everyone in your firm unlimited access to on-demand video content, downloadable software manuals, live training sessions, and more.


"Let me just say that Affinity's training sessions are excellent. Although my wife is not practicing law anymore, she is a lawyer. Since I’m working from home, my wife sat in with me on a recent live training. I had been telling her how clear and practical Danielle's training sessions were. About five minutes in, my wife blurted out: 'She IS good!' Thanks for the great job you are doing. "

Stuart Herro
Attorney, DeWitt LLP

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the course and how quickly you work. Our Microsoft Word course, for example, has over 5 hours of videos. Some students watch each video once, and others watch some videos multiple times.
Your course never expires. You can come back to the course as many times as you want.
You'll find you're more efficient in things you do every day, such as formatting a document in Microsoft Word. You may also discover that your software frustrates you a lot less. Once you know why it does what it does and can predict it, life gets a lot better.
Genius Series courses are just for you - you pay once and you get lifetime access. Your access isn't meant to be shared. Affinity Insight membership, on the other hand, provides unlimited training for your entire organization. Affinity Insight membership requires a monthly or annual membership fee.
No, Genius Series courses must be purchased separately from Affinity Insight membership. Genius Series courses are designed to be taken by one person and cannot be shared between members of your organization.
We use different software for the Genius Series courses and the membership platform to bring you the best possible experience for each. As a result, if you purchase both a Genius Series course and an Affinity Insight membership, you'll have two separate logins.

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